water pod

heaven. you could see every star in the sky at night.

River bed

The pond!

Entrance to a Tree House

If I ever have a pond with fish again I want to try it. It would probably drive my cats crazy though LOL (Use a heavy glass vase and invert it on some concrete blocks so they can swim in from the bottom. Submerge the vase and turn it up under water so the vacuum created keeps the water inside. Make sure you have a heavy glass container or the weight of the water will shatter it.)

Secret outdoor space

tucked away garden nook

Tree House in the Forest | Most Beautiful Pages

Caitlin Wilson Navy Kismet 3x7 Rug www.caitlinwilson.com

Bubble tree // Inflatable tent...so cool for a rainy night! Star watching. NO BUGS..

indoor garden - carp: Would be great in a home with grown up kiddies/ not safe for littlies.

my ideal little back #garden, for magical romantic evening meals.

Gorgeous house in Morocco. Love this pool with colorful plush seating. Such a cozy peaceful nook! #backyards #outdoors #spaces

meditation room!

Garden Retreat with lots of windows

Shabby Chic garden setting

Amazing jungle Zen room

Garden Hammock

Would be easy to do with shoe shelf units

Lazy River in the backyard!