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  • Talie Rose Galerne

    60s FashiOn, RetRO, VintaGe Photo: This Photo was uploaded by KieRo_uNaS_BoTaS_aGoGo. Find other 60s FashiOn, RetRO, VintaGe pictures and photos or uplo...

  • Lisa Angonese

    60s outfits mod style | Mod fashion for women

  • Helene Letourneau

    Paco Rabanne 1966 Mod Dresses #1960sfashion

  • Suszanne Knight

    1960's geometric design dresses

  • W Szu

    60s Life & Fashion Photo: This Photo was uploaded by swingingsixties2. Find other 60s Life & Fashion pictures and photos or upload your own with...


    A mixture of bold colour and geometric print on simple shift dresses characterises the dramatic Op Art-influenced designs of the late 1960s

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The girl in the striped dress is wearing a hairstyle my friend May wore all through middle school. The clothes take me right back to those days. I loved the clothes we wore in the 60's.

Cristobal Balenciaga dress ca. 1961 via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Okay, bear with me. Make the skirt fuller, & replace the flowers with a gear pattern, & make it black & red: Steampunk bodice / corset cover. Mary Quant 1960's

Color + Skirt --a tulle crinoline would make the skirt stick out properly. A coordinating color of tulle could be used to make this dress more modern and interesting. The tulle crinoline could be made as a separate piece so different looks could be achieved.

Kay’s Catalogue Spring/Summer 1962 Collection

Michelle says: I happen to have this same style and vintage dress hanging in my closet! Vintage 60's - PERTEGAZ

Paco Rabanne's Mod Futuristic Couture - this time in a coat!

Audrey Hepburn in Paco Rabanne in Two for the Road. At the Movies

60s when I made my own clothes and a few outfits for the children.

*'60s dresses...had a dress just like the white one,only mine was light aqua mom made it for me in the 9th grade

Mod 60s, Go Go fashions #sixties vintage 1960s dresses red yellow black shift dress knit nubby sweater stripes checks tights hair shoes style color photo print ad models magazine 60s