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Leonberger dog, intelligent, affectionate, good with children, more active than most giant breed dogs

Companionship and love are just a few of the reasons people own pets. 62 % of American households own pets of all shapes, size, colors and breeds. But is there more to being a pet owner than teaching Fido to sit? This post and infographic explores the connection between health and pets.

Dogs are surprisingly good psychologists…

  • Elisa C

    too bad before the winter olympics the sochi city government went around poisoning these strays-

  • Lisa Raper

    That pisses me off. The above comment. They were not hurting anyone. And how smart they are to have done so much to survive. It just breaks my heart. When you look at the WHOLE PICTURE OF SUFFERING THE WORLD OVER human and animal alike. THIS world is so beautiful and yet so sad and disgusting. The things people are capable of and do. I look forward to a day without pain or sorrow. We are all capable of being better. I wish more would be.

  • Elisa C

    I agree. Its despicable to poison a dog.

  • Lynsey Clements

    By far one of the coolest things I've read in a while..

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Help exists for those struggling to pay veterinary bills - VIN: Good read about organizations that offer financial assistance for veterinary care - includes a list of such organizations.

Leo, 4lbs of darling. Looking for a good home.

black and white tuxedo kitten and dog

intothebeautifulnew: Couple with a good dog, 1915. - Now this is a trick I haven't tried with my two Malinois yet.

  • aaron MCGEE

    Funny how the man and the dog are both lookin like everything is perfectly normal while the woman's face is like, "WTF. This is so awkward."

  • Amelia Buss

    I want to do that

Ashton & Bentley! So cute! Looking for a good home! Adopt at LifeLine Animal Project

Beatrice and Bianca are 2 pit mixes that are looking for a good home!!

Looking for a good home...

Miranda Lambert finds puppies. All are looking for a good home. Ahhh I want them all!!! So cute!!!

I wonder if this is what my dog thinks!