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A Potoroo Finds A Treat

A Potoroo Finds A Treat. A small family of Long Nosed Potoroos live in the Land Of Parrots at Healesville sanctuary in Victoria, Australia. They do well on treats dropped by the parrots

Unlikely animal friendships

A tawny owl and fox cub form unlikely duo! An owl chick and fox cub have built up an unlikely rapport after each was rescued from attacks by predatory birds.

The kinkajou (Potos flavus), also known as the 'honey bear' (a name it shares with the sun bear), is a rainforest mammal NOT a monkey. Native to Central America and South America, this mostly a frugivorous, arboreal mammal. However, they are hunted for the pet trade, for their fur (to make wallets and horse saddles) and for their meat. They may live up to 40 years in captivity.

Baby fox <3 He's someone, not something. Let him keep his fur. You can live without it, he cannot. #MyVeganJournal