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Waffen SS Panzergrenadiers of the Viking Division prepare for battle near Kovel in the Ukraine, April 1944. Note the grenadier in the foreground carrying the MG-42 light machine gun and the soldier to the left armed with the StG-44 "Stug" assault rifle.

WWI, 1916, Somme; Battle of the Ancre. British soldiers washing the woodwork of their rifles in the Ancre at St Pierre Divion. ©IWM

Civil War Weapons: Produced in 1861 and 1862 at the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts, the Springfield rifle used coiled grooves inside the barrel that spun a .58 caliber Minie Ball accurately up to 400 yards. Rifles such as the Springfield and Enfield changed warfare forever by restricting movement and forcing soldiers to dig into the ground for cover.