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The Game Grumps

Okay - I made a bunch of changes, but this is finally done. Adjusted the likenesses, and had to throw in some recent references.

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Snow Dan and the 7 - 8 Grumps

gamblegroomps: “ “Snow Dan and the 7 8 Grumps ” This…took way too long hours and 19 minutes to be exact) for a drawing based on one thing Suzy said in her Renne Faire video and suffering through SAI crashing three times is just a pain in the.

dumb 15+ minute warmup of @Mort3mer and @egoraptor

💀🎃Jack-O-Fyre🎃💀 on

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Game Grumps

nanaoid: “ i felt bad for only drawing arin and danny so now have all of the game grumps!