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    Firefly, then and now New Truthful Comics Blog: The Serenity of a Firefly is LIVE!!! After all this time I finally watched the entire Firefly series and Serenity. What are my thoughts on them? Read the blog, leave comments and share the love. #Firefly #Serenity #TruthfulComics www.truthfulcomic...

    this actually makes me so happy

    The cast of Firefly have a big damn imagination.

    Five Lost Episodes of Firefly that Will, Sadly, Never Be - click on link, Inara was dying?

    Firefly and The Avenger

    Oh my god, Nathan Fillion you are too funny for words.

    Shiny. Firefly cast.

    No power in the 'verse. - The Ladies of his shows are one of the many reasons Joss Whedon is so awesome

    Nathan Fillion on Castle as Captain Tight Pants. Firefly.

    Quantum Mechanix Firefly Mini Serenity Plush Quantum Mechanix

    firefly cast



    20 Iconic Captain Mal Moments From "Firefly" and "Serenity"

    Firefly ;)

    Firefly cast

    New cast meats old cast

    Firefly and Dollhouse were examples of Whedon's awesomeness and networks being thick.


    Firefly Jayne Magnet Set: TV Shows Firefly Bobbleheads & Toys

    *Caution* LOL This is AWESOME!!!