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How to make a musical-ly

If you have or know teens this will interest you. There's a new sorta social media thing called sometimes called musical-ly. Check it out.

10 Ways to Immerse Yourself in Frugal Living

Ok, tell me I got this right! Frugal living doesn't just mean saving money in a jar! Some really useful tips here. Save now to read later.

Some Really Useful tips to Being More Productive

Just how productive is productive? So that after implementing these tips you start to get much more important things done daily and still have time for you!

I like reading and writing but not 'rithmetic

Did you hate 'rithmetic (maths) as a child? I didn't like it either. But now i know why. And I am determined to share ways to prevent that happening to others. Just as we want our little ones to learn to read, we must be just as enthusiastic for them to get a positive start with Math!

Sometimes it Pays to Complain

I found this to be useful advice about how to complain to a business. And guess what? You don't have to be rude either. Excellent information to use.

How to create a simple DIY Wall Art

This is the easiest DIY craft idea I've ever seen. Follow the simple steps to create this simple wall art for yourself or as a gift to a friend. Easy Peasy.

Beating Bullies with Kindness

Can you really offer kindness in the face of situations where people are mean to you? These girls seem to think you can! How many cheeks do you have?

Six tips to maintain your home throughout the year

I just love some DIY. And I love the fact that I can do so many things around my home that allows it to last me a long time and in good condition.

Frugal Blogs and How to Join

Save to read later if you are a frugal blogger or if you have some posts related to making and saving money, paying off debt etc.Blogs listed too.