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Lady Fern- Truly durable and versatile it grows well in shady locations but is also one of the most sun tolerant fern and some say it even thrives in the sun! #DreamSpringGarden

Aruncus dioicus --- Goatsbeard is a large, showy native good for fencelines or borders. Like a big astilbe. 4-5ft. tall by 2-4ft. wide, with 12-20" blooms in late May or June. Creamy white, long-lasting flowers are handsome into winter if allowed to dry on the plant. Needs moisture & shade, esp. in hot areas. Attractive to bees & butterflies. z. 4-9

This is one of our most useful native ferns and a staple in the Northwest garden. Sword fern is tolerant of a wide range of soil types and sun exposures, from wet to dry, sun to shade. It is one of the few plants that will tolerate dry shade under the dense growth of Douglas firs and western red cedars. Sword fern is evergreen 3' x 3'| Great Plant Picks

NATIVE. Dryopteris goldiana - Goldie's woodfern. This is the largest of the native wood ferns, reaching 4' in ideal conditions. It is a stately and slowly spreading groundcover, forming large clusters of graceful arching fronds. Named for Scottish botanist John Goldie, its fronds are green without a hint of gold. Height: 3-4', Spread: 2-3'. Shade to Part Sun.

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