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Very cool tent design

NEED THIS TENT. The only way my hippie van dream will come true :p

FieldCandy makes Yummy, a great line of colorful camping tents that look like real food, like a watermelon, a sandwich or a wedge of cheese. Be sure to take a look at all of their cool tent designs.

"It was one of those moments when you think: Why have all tents always looked pretty much the same? We customize everything else, why not tents? And even more remarkably: Why have we been satisfied with those boring, standard tent colors for so long?" -from the Creative Side.

FieldCandy tents do not give you camouflage protection in the natural setting, nor do they help you blend in with the rest of the crod at the campsite. FiledCandy tents are designed to stand out...or in this case Outstanding!

Ozark Trail 16' x 16' Cabin Dome Tent, Sleeps 12...$250 is pretty expensive for a tent..but it's a giant twelve person nice for a group of people to go camping and all stay in one big tent with three rooms.

Groovy Getaway Tent. A sweet scale replica of a 1965 VW van, this waterproof design has a recognizable retro body in bright blue, with all of the original touches, from an oversized logo and polished chrome-looking wheels, to a pair of euro-inspired license plates that can be customized to suit your route or cool companions. Includes spacious interior that accommodates four with timelessly tall proportions, two distinct spaces with a zip-up partition, as well as solid and screened doors.