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friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th

Casual Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Happy Friday the 13th.

Yea apparently Thats me


Dumb & Dumber...quotable movie

friday the 13th

i agree

Nothing ruins your Friday like realizing it's only Tuesday. Totally happened this morning

turkey.... this is so true...LOL

Holiday cookie swap, my ass. I’d rather have a cocktail swap. Same calories… cleaner kitchen. | Snarkecards

Grim Reaper :o)



Happy Friday the 13th! #Friday

Friday the 13th

Reminds me of the walking dead.


"OMG! my son fell out of a tree in the back yard! should I call 911 or post it on Facebook first?" prioritizing issues! haha funny but sad because it's so true! so many people think they owe it to the world to explain their every move in life and keep everyone updated on the most minuscule details that really NOBODY gives a shit about! one of the main reasons I hardly ever go on there anymore!