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...I just got a visual of the big burly men in my life tailgating a princess party...all while wearing a tiara..... *I* may have to have a princess party..... Buahahahaha

from Pointless Posters

Hipsters Are What Happen When You Tell Every Child They're Special Poster

Omg.... This is the reason these people say "Let's separate from the USA"...did you really think "Oh let's give everyone a trophy, everyone's a winner" was going to end we'll.... Learn to be a graceful loser.

from Chummy Tees

I Am My Parents Favorite Child T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top

We all think it's time you put Sensitive Susie back in the box and learn to laugh at yourself like the rest of us do.

from Izola

Par Avion Paddle Ball Set

#Alcohol. Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad. #TRUTH

Funny Confession Ecard: I'm changing my name to 'Nobody' on Facebook, so when I see stupid crap people post, I can like it and it will say 'Nobody likes this'.


12 Cute Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Help the kiddos count down the 12 days to Christmas by making a different breakfast each morning. #blessedbeyondcrazy #Christmas