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Anna Vlahos. © By the author. Read Copyright .

Earrings | Kathleen Dustin

Alicia Hannah Naomi necklace

Necklace | Eunju Park. "Germinate 1, 2007". Sterling silver, silk thread.

South Korean contemporary jeweler Heejoo Kim strives to create metals with textures that imitate the flora and fauna that inspire her work.

Necklace | Francisca Bauza. 'Red flower' Silver, copper and enamel,

All Images From also known as jewelry | Velvet da Vinci Contemporary Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery | San Francisco Joanne Grimonprez,

Annie Grimes Williams - Pod Scarf Neckpiece

Antique silver pomander Low Countries. An antique silver pomander, of spherical form on domed foot, divided into six segments released by a turning top, the exterior depicting dense foliage and flowers, the interior engraved with hatched floral motifs, each segment numbered and with slide-off cover (one later replacement). The Low Countries, circa 1640

Alexandra Hart Scorpion Earrings

Shambala: oxidized silver, silk taffeta

Myung Urso, Neckpiece, 2013

Brooch Photography: Sylvain Deleu

sabrina meyns, paper + silver brooch

Sabrina Meyns (paper and metal)

Fresh water pearls, antique French brass seed beads

Tanel Veenre Neckpiece: Lonely Gardener Wood, rock crystal, silver, cosmic dust 2011

Maggie Bergman

Gold necklace

Jewellery - Wilhelm Buchert

Gris Bleu

GrisBleu _ Mauve Feather Flower

Central Roots Brooch - stainless steel pin, intricate jewelry organic leaf nature science NERVOUSSYSTEM-USA

Roxy Lentz, Necklace, 2012