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This is funny, and even funnier is what my husband Matt said upon reading it... "Oh raptor Jesus, you're so wise"...

Fake or not, it's pure awesome! Dad: Hey punk, when are you coming home? Son:Lol.. I'll be back over around 2.Can you keep the door unlocked please???? :o Dad:Hell no! I'll keep a window unlocked, but you have to figure out which one it is and try not to make the dog bark or your grounded for a month.Son:Challenge Accepted.

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25 Crazy Clever Hacks That Actually Make Running Awesome

Trick yourself into going for a run by simply putting on your workout gear and heading out for a brisk walk. | 25 Super Smart Hacks To Make Running Suck Less

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Just For Fun

Everybody should have these.


When you’re old, nothing matters anymore

omg! Can we sooooooo do this when we get old!