• *KIM McGREGOR//Lamberton*

    A real monday quote :) this is how I feel today!! After starting my day at 5:30am, dropping Isaac off, doing all the Father's Day stuff, going to work, then to a friends cookout, picking up Isaac, going back to work, getting home to a list I need to finish b4 bed, and then back up this am at 5:00am.... Yeah I wish today was cancelled....(( but today is j-day with my Lil man:))..))

  • Laura Christman

    Oh how I wish I saw this every Monday morning :]

  • Theresa Hoyer

    Oh this is tooooo funny! Some days you just have to crawl back in bed and cover your head and shut out the world for your own sanity - this would be the perfecr blanket or comforter

  • Innerpower Jewels Australia / New Zealand

    . #quote #wisewords #empower #bed #iwish

  • Sofia Chahin

    WAITING....wishing.DREAMING for this day. and when it actually happens the blanket took over the dream.

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