Make a large t-shirt to a fitted tee. No sewing necessary!!

cut & tie a T-Shirt... great for too-big-tshirts! by MarylinJ

31 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know

DIY flip flops.


Wrap Scarf Sweater... Would love something like it for cool summer days & evenings.

DIY shirts

pajamas all day!

add some lace to your tshirt

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diy bracelet

Ohmygosh, so cute! Good thing my mama bought me a sewing machine today!!!


diy peplum top from large t-shirt.

DIY; Ripped Back Tee Shirt, Polyvore What you need; plain oversized t-shirt+scissors+design. How to; (based off the picture) 1. Get your scissors and start from the back of the sew line of the sleeve. Get the scissors and cut long strips to the middle. 2. Stop once you get to the middle. 3. Repeat all along the side, and the other side. 4. Cut a big chunk off, make a vneck , but veryyy big. This will make the diamond shape. 5. At the bottom, cut a very small vshape. done.

Cool way to cut a shirt!!

Re-do an old t-shirt

DIY turning a tight tank top into a loose fitting shirt by adding lace to the sides

men's dress shirt to skirt tutorial

tee shirt

No-sew t-shirt