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  • Dawna Moore

    Cold drinks tasted colder in these aluminum cups, but they sweated alot

  • Deb Click Spicer

    Aluminum drinking glasses, My Aunt had these and we loved them and still talk about these today. Just takes us back in time.

  • Genevieve Walker

    Aluminum tumblers the best way to keep cold drinks cold: Our Aunt Bonnie' summer family reunion. DA-H

  • Joan Clark

    Remember these? Colorful metal cups. Aunt Helen had these.

  • lisa w

    Aluminum glass set with the pitcher. For cold drinks. And if you held them too long, your hands got cold too!

  • Ricki Burleigh

    Aluminum drinking glasses delivered by our milkman! These were filled with cottage cheese. These bring back such great memories!

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David Niven, absolutely invited to my afterlife cocktail party!

I would have voted for him. Then again, Calvin would be his running mate...

It's not a party until the ladies start dancing in the giant cocktail.

Now that's how you send off a co-worker.


That sounds lovely, darling. And don't forget to drop the bass.

All hail vinyl!

Hell yes.

I don't know who decided to have Robert Mitchum record an album and then went a step further and decided on this cover, but that person is a genius. I think I got drunk just looking at this thing.

Gorgeous pin-up by Cedric Poulat. Zatanna, in the style of Gil Elvgren.

I generally find cosplay kinda kooky, but that's a damn fine Harley Quinn.

These metal cups may look retro-cool, but don't let their looks deceive you. Our family had these and I hated them. Always clanging on your teeth.

Bettie Page by the late, great Rocketeer artist, Dave Stevens.

Wonder Woman by Alex Ross. When Alex sent us the layout for this poster/bookmark, our first response was, "Kangaroos?" Followed quickly by, "Eh, it's Alex. Let him do his thing." Now the kangaroos make this pic for me.

Well, at least she tried.

I admit it. I'm a great big nerd for this stuff.

Ooh...good to know for the training table!

That, my friends, is Simon Pegg swagger.

Outstanding tribute to the greatest comic strip ever, Calvin & Hobbes. Wish I knew who did this.

Yes, sexy pancakes!

Nice! Sex, whisky and...wait, those are jazz records. Ah, well.

I totally heard her voice in my head as I read this.

Heh. Nice one for us Beatles fans.

Truth...though I guess guns actually DO kill people. Still, those bastards with mustaches...

One of history's great drinking teams: Keith Moon and Oliver Reed. Cheers!