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    • Dustin Mcphail

      Im not 100 percent either party but my family and voice teacher are, and this quote represents them perfectly. So dont you dare say all Republicans are blah blah blah (or for that matter, all Democrats are blah blah blah).

    • Kelly Rittenbach

      Exactly! I'm not Republican (Indie, here) but agreed, Repubs are not homophobic, racist, or sexist.

    • Melissa Chaney

      why do people think you are homophobic, racist, or sexist if you are a Republican? It is not true!!!

    • Ruth Ulrich

      I am not a party. I am not a color. I am not a sex. I am not my bank balance. I am an American, a constitutional conservative, and member of the Republican party. I love my fellow Americans, I love women (and men), and I love Blacks, Latinos, Asians, all minorities, gays, disabled people, seniors and sex. And most of all, I love freedom from government despots who wish to "save us from ourselves" by instituting oppressive governmental regulation that threatens EVERYONE's liberty.

    • Linda Shriver-Buckner

      Yes I am a Republican. No, I'm am not a racist, homophobic or sexist. Right is right.

    • Ashley Anderson

      dont really consider myself republican but quit with the stereotypes people.

    • Amber Chapman

      Fact! Truth! Get over it!

    • Kelly White

      Exactly...!! Truth.

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