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Terra cotta toy boat from Harappa. Such toys may have been used by children. Harappa Archaeological Research Project.

Harappa Seals


Unicorn seal Harappa

Indus Valley seal

Indus Valley

Indus Valley seal

Terracotta bangle fragments Harappa

Turtle figurine, Harappa.

Indus Valley seal

Excavated by the Harappa Archaeological Research Project in 1993, this large corbelled drain was built in the middle of an abandoned gateway at Harappa to dispose of rainwater and sewage.

Indus Valley seal

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Indus seal of tiger woman

Harappa Objects. Material: terra cotta Dimensions: 7.1 cm height, 4.8 cm length, 3.5 cm width Harappa, 2384 Harappa Museum, HM 2082 Vats 1940: 300, pl. LXXVII, 67

Overview of Trench 43, Harappa.

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Head of a female figurine with a "tiara" headdress from Harappa.

A collection of inscribed objects found along the main street leading to the southern gateway of Mound E at Harappa. The fragmentary seal on the left is the earliest seal found to date, and depicts a bovine carved in a very archaic style. At the top center is a terra cotta sealing with two seal impressions. This sealing may have been used to close a large jar full of trade goods such as oil. Harappa Archaeological Research Project.