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Detail of the Ship Sarcophagus, from Sidon, Phoenician, ships of Tarshish; for the king (Solomon) had a fleet of ships from Tashish bateau phenicien; bateau de Tarse; Tarshish is probably Tarsus, a large commercial city on the Cydnus River in southeastern Asia Minor (modern Turkey); Levantine coast; Musee National, Beirut, Lebanon

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This remarkable Jesuit Convent is located in the heart of the Bekaa Valley at few kilometers southeast of Shtaura. It is attractive for many reasons: the magnificient cultivated terrains, the laid out lake and the delicious Gouda cheese. After the Jesuits settled in the village of Taanayel in 1863, they had to drain the swampy lands. They planted different species of trees and vegetables. The animals at the farm and the ducks at the lake contribute to the charm of the place.