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This world is moving too fast for parents to assume that giving too much freedom too fast had no impact on our young girls frame of mind. Let your little girl be little no matter what her friends and Everyone else is doing. A mom who is now grandma after her children became adults.

Do I respect THE MARRIED HO? No I don't. Do I accept she was part of my reality with HIM? Yes I accept that. do I feel that it's okay to send naked pics of HERSELF to HIM knowing I was in relationship with HIM? no. Do I want to be friends with HER? Absolutely NOT. Does SHE even know about REAL ME? No SHE doesn't, only WHAT HE told HER about ME which was LIES and ASSUMPTIONS to get HER to be HIS private therapist, LOVER, HARASSMENT ACCOMPLICE and LIAR to HER husband of what's really going on…