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Patience leads to better #health and long-term #wellbeing, says new research:

The dandelion’s true name is Taraxacum Officinale, which means “the official remedy for disorders.” Very good for the body!!

11 Habits You Need to Stop

11 Habits you need to stop doing. Motivation in 2017

Dandelion: Herbal Remedies

The entire plant is used in herbal remedies: roots, leaves, and flowers. The flowers are not usually eaten, but they are used to make wine. The wonderful weed has a strong herbal remedy purpose, and can help with digestion and other bodily functions.

30 patients to test dandelion's cancer-killing potential

According to researchers, test results done prior to the clinical trial showed that dandelion tea, containing dandelion root extract, killed cancer cells in a lab.

The Herbal Home Remedy Book - 13.99 The Herbal Home Remedy Book Believe it or not, your backyard holds the secrets of generations of healing wisdom. From blackberry bushes to dandelion flowers, violets greens to white pine sap heal

6 Fantastic Reasons for Growing and Using Comfrey