North German Lloyd

The North German Lloyd Steam-ship Elbe. Published by The Illustrated London News, feb 9, 1895

The Elbe, Salon-steamer of the North German Lloyd in Bremen. From Der Fremde by Robert Kohlrausch.

Picture, Nord deutscher lloyd

The loss of the North German Lloyd steam-ship Elbe; Landing of survivors at Lowesoft. Published by The Illustrated London News, feb 9, 1895.

The German steamer Elbe. Published by unknown.

RARE porcelain plates from the service of the Imperial yacht THE STANDARD (STANDART in Russian transliteration / ШТАНДАРТ), a private yacht of Czar Nicholas II ~

My Grandfather came to America on this ship. "The ship was 432 ft in length, 45 ft in breadth and had a gross weight of 4,510 tons. She had a straight bow, two funnels, and four masts." from Elbe

Deep Inside the Titanic - Part 2

The captain, some passengers and stewards of the Elbe at a concert on deck. Published by The Illustrated London news, feb 9, 1895.

Extremely Rare Porcelain Plates from the Russian Imperial Yacht ZABAVA (or PLAY THING in Russian) ~ These dinner plates were made unusually heavy (weight - over 900 grams / over 2 pounds each) so they didn't slide on the table. The borders are inscribed in blue with the name of the yacht Забава (Play Thing) between two blue naval signal flags.The yacht ZABAVA was built in Finland in 1860 after the famous racing yacht AMERICA for uncle of Nikolay II, GD Alexei Alexandrovitch ~

SS Elbe 1879