live in the moment...I should remember this.

being a mom is truly the greatest blessing! i have loved every single minute so far and i look forward to watching her grow :)

My daughters are super awesome and I am blessed to be their momma!!! Motherhood #quote #daughter #awesome


For Hanna

Life. Stop taking it so seriously and enjoy.

You don't need someone to complete you. You only need some to accept you completely. #love #quotes #Imnotperfect

Love this quote.

Awesome quote!

Parenting quotes - motherhood - it breaks my heart that I won't get to see my little monkey this weekend for very long. Thankfully my jobs honored my PTOs for his birthday party weekend and birthday! :)

too true


Words to live by

Remember this... today is a gift. This is so true... enjoy today. I know you do sister

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How to really love a child

Love this! I always remember this exact same poem hanging in my mom's room growing up, still there to this day. She was such an amazing example of this and I'm trying to do the exact same with my babes.

Something to remember.

I needed to read this!