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School suspensions have long been used to discipline the most unruly of students, but a new study finds striking disparities between the number of white and minority students suspended from class—a process that ultimately undermines the academic success of minority students living in high-risk areas

Castlemont High School is taking school discipline into the 21st Century through their Restorative Justice for Youth (RJOY) program. RJOY is an alternative to out-of-school suspensions and expulsions that requires youth to take responsibility for their offense and make amends while keeping them in school and in the community. This program has resulted in significantly lower suspension rates at Castlemont.

School suspension statistics; notice the upward trend, depressing, but the claim is for more and more authority to suspend more liberally and frequently.

Larry Thompson on Time Out & In School Suspension - Larry will be speaking at the National Conference on School Discipline in Atlanta!

The Impact of Zero-Tolerance Policies Zero-tolerance policies are a hot-button issue in American schools today. While the goal is to keep kids on track towards success, the strict set of rules can have the opposite effect. "Students who experience out-of-school suspension and expulsion are as much as 10 times more likely to ultimately drop out of high school than are those who do not," claims the American Academy of Pediatrics These zero-tolerance polices have been found to disproportion...