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Hey beautiful bloggers! We're two teenage best friends who live in Canada. We hope our blog is helpful and motivating! Message us about anything, anytime. Our ask box is always open :) Good luck on your journey to greatness! xoxo Vanessa and Amy

❥ "Spread kindness to one person a day. Imagine the amounts of happiness you would dispense in a lifetime." (Personally, I definitely wouldn't limit this to only ONE a day...!! Sharing it with everyone would make it a happier world for us all.) ☀

Be gentle. Fill yourself up with love instead of hate. Fill yourself up with art, books, knowledge, experiences. Surround yourself with people who have nothing but love to give. These things, they are important. They will help you learn how to love. A. Y.

Kelli Ann. I love a good cup of coffee, the South and being barefoot. Smitten with a bearded guy that loves the Lord and has pretty blue eyes. Jesus had to roll His sleeves up when I asked Him to work on me and I'd love to tell you all about it. Isaiah

There was a time when I wouldn't have believed this. But the older I get and the more of life I experience, the more I realize that God doesn't fit into a box or my perfectly organized little plan. Breathe, trust, + let go? That's how God works sometimes.

Alexis | NY poet & artist & human i want to make craft beer & zines and I think chicken stock made from scratch is importanti relate most strongly to the night sky and sequoia trees and red-winged blackbirds and frozen lakes surrounded by brown grass

my heart tells me he's the best man I have ever met. however, my mind because of all the crap I've dealt with in my past tells me he is a rotten lying piece of crap. and what makes it worse, is he gets the brunt of EVERY moment of my past.

"Lead me from Dark to the Light Lead me from Ignorance to knowledge From Bondage to Freedom From Death to Immortality" - Lama Surya Das “There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around...