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LEGO Simpsons Minifigures Bring all your favorite Springfielders from the TV to your living room with the LEGO Simpsons minifigures. Now youll be able to recreate your own Springfield and hang out with everyone from titans of industry like Mr. Burns to certified C-list celebrities such as Bumbleebee Man. $5.49 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

Han Shot First Bookends Commemorate the original version of the Star Wars film like a true fan with the Han shot first bookends. These expertly crafted bookends depict the iconic showdown between Han and Greedo at Mos Eisley wherein Han shoots Greedo before he fires off a shot. $215.00 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

Chameleon Vision Goggles See the world through the eyes of a tiny chameleon by using these oddly shaped chameleon vision goggles. Just like the color-changing reptiles youll be able to look in different directions at once and even get to see whos behind you thanks to the hidden side mirrors. $10.99 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

HD 360 Degree Camera Capture stunning footage by filming your next project with the worlds first ever high definition 360 degree camera. The cameras innovative design shatters through the limitation of the frame to deliver a one of a kind 360 degree view capturing the entire moment. $499.99 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

Death Star Rug Let the Empire help you tie the room together with the iconic Death Star rug. Modeled after their prized weapon/space station this 6 x 6 rug is handmade with a level of detail fitting for a true Star Wars fans home decorum. $3349.15 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

Lightsaber BBQ Tongs Use the Force to ensure all your meats are cooked to perfection by using these lightsaber BBQ tongs. These intergalactic tongs feature a lightsaber inspired handle that comes with a specially designed red sheath that masks the metallic BBQ tongs in true lightsaber fashion. $33.50 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy