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sumisa-lily: ““… a girl of storm–winds and thorns, the musk of the wild rose and the flight of the falcon.” ~ Rosamund Hodge, The Lamps Thereof Are Fire and Flames ”

Lineart afQF by duongquocdinh.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt:

Lineart Afqf, Duong Quoc Dinh, Digital, 2016 Picture in Art

Duong Quoc Dinh, 1967 ~ Body painting

Duong Quoc Dinh, 1967 ~ Body painting

Model:Xuan Van, Photo by Duong Quoc Dinh by duongquocdinh.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Model:Xuan Van, Photo by Duong Quoc Dinh by duongquocdinh on DeviantArt

35PHOTO - duong quoc dinh - The dream of fairy

Xuan Van by duongquocdinh* Photography / People & Portraits / Classic Portraits