• Alaina Pilk

    OMG I know this person! Stop posting selfies on Facebook... We have all seen you from every possible angle!

  • Ashley Hsu

    Stop taking selfies!!!

  • Emily DeVon

    SO true of some people and funny

  • Kristen Duffy Davis

    How many more pictures must you take of yourself? We get it. You need to be told you're beautiful. | Thinking Of You Ecard | someecards.com

  • Griffie Jess

    I HATE Selfies..... Get over yourself and get some friends to join you in your pics ;)

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very true!!

My favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge & a crunch ...It's called lunch!

Eminem meeting Lady Gaga for the first time. Now that's genuine concern. ha ha Yup she's disturbed!

ha ha mmhhmm

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So true

Every time I'm done with a weight training session, I look in the mirror and expect to be automatically transformed.

ha ha


Why I love Target

ha! so so true!

ha ha ha I need one of these dictionaries!

I imagine it is!!! LOL

Surprisingly true

HAHAHA aaaww

ha ha mmhhmmm


Hahaha this is so one of my girls :)

Don't Drink and Walk!

lol . Duh

emergency vodka.

so true