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Taurus - sulphate of soda - beets, cabbage, chard, radish, cucumber onion.

01/11/2014 ~ There is a very interesting thing that happens when the Sun and Venus meet up.  They do this at 4:24am PST.  The Moon moves into Gemini at 4:25am.  That means that this Conjunction happens within the Void Taurus Moon and a minute later the Moon changes signs.  Because the planetary event happens inside the Void, it is automatically more connected to the Divine Feminine as the Void is her domain.

My mate was a little butthurt that I sold this one, because we are a Taurus/Virgo couple. The Taurus and the Virgo


A Taurus Woman is the strongest woman in the zodiac. They are not one to mess with. Unlike the other 11 signs of the zodiac, what you see with her is what you get, no hidden agenda.that would be my baby girl

Bull, April/May

Taurus Bull ♉ I would totally get this as a tat.he looks like meee :D