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Rain Drop Cake is a super popular Japanese dessert that is so unique, delicious, easy to make, and low in calories!水信玄餅/ #Rain Drop Cake, #Mizushingenmochi, #Japanese sweets, #Japanese recipe,...

Matcha parfait in bamboo --- Tokichi Nakamura's cafe, Uji Kyoto, Japan --- This cafe is known as the best green tea cafe in Uji. This parfait had a rich matcha flavor and was very delicious!

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Easy Melon (pan) Bread - A Sweet Japanese Treat - Recipe

Melon Bread, or Melon Pan, is a sweet Japanese bread. The bread is commonly eaten in Japan and is a very popular snack and treat for people of all ages. This sweet is a bread topped with a crispy cookie crust. The outer cookie crust generally...

japanese cakes ~ i wouldn't eat them, but i'm kinda obsessed w/ looking at them. amazing colors/textures!!