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En el edificio Dakota de #NYC, el mismo en el que vivió John Lennon, también lo hizo un misterioso mago de la brujería Wicca inglesa, Gerald Brossau Gardner, que aseguraba poder invocar a las fuerzas ocultas de la naturaleza. Desde entonces en su interior quedó abierta una ventana hacia lo desconocido. La historia inspiró a Roman Polansky para su célebre filme 'La semilla del diablo'. Durante el rodaje, los acontecimientos extraños no dejaron de sucederse y minar al equipo.

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Central Park

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Central Park US picture, Central Park US photo

NYC Apartments specialize in buyer representation and luxury real estate marketing. New York City encompasses 300 square miles and is the home to over 7 million people. We are member of the real estate board of New York

I want to work in the city. I absolutely love Manhattan and I live in Long Island so it isn't so far from home. It's a wonderful place; everything just draws you in. Evertime I go to the city something interesting happens and I can just imagine a fun life there. Although, I've had some rather petrifying experiences with the people who wear those character suits... (I told the cookie monster that he/she was creepy and he/she chased me around Central Park)

New York Times Square. I love New York i stayed at New York Marriott Marquis on the 27 floor facing this view and wow.

For me, a walk among skyscrapers is a pleasant reminder of the boundless potential of human thought.

I included a picture of Central Park because I loved spending time here with my father, and I still come here often with my grandmother. Central Park represents happiness for me, because all of my memories associated with it are positive.