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calmtempest: ““ is this what Asgard needs from its king? ” Remember the times when Loki was the voice of reason in Asgard’s little troop? ”

Hate and love require just as strong a passion. A feeling. And deep down, I think he does feel a love for Thor. He's just been blinded by everything else. And therein lies all the complications that make the character so brilliant!

Thor/Loki>>Muscle/Brains. I think we can all agree that at the beginning of Thor, Loki would have been a better choice. Had Odin not played as much favoritism, everything would have turned out very differently

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Can I be best friends with both? I would have deep and meaningful conversations with Loki, and with Thor I'd have so much fun and he'd be the kind of friend who gives you piggy back rides because you're small and tells you you're pretty when you're not.

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