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CUSTOM PERSONALIZED Quotable Canvas Wall Art - Handmade Stretched Canvas Wall Art Signed


Etsyfrom Etsy

Follow Your Heart Quote Typed on Cardstock

The heart is a tricksy thing.

Glad I live my life with honesty and integrity. Never stooping to the level where some people lie and cheat to make themselves look better. Whatever good things come my way will be earned~

Every single fight in your life has had a positive outcome. Every dark place has made you who you are. You couldn't see that in the dark times but afterwards it all made sense. Keep going. God has a plan for you.

As i look back on my life, i realize that every time i thought i was being REJECTED from something good, i was ACTUALLY BEING RE-DIRECTED to something better. RIP Phenomenal Woman.

Face trouble with courage Disappointment with cheerfulness And triumph with humility Thomas S Monson