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5 lugares da América Latina que fogem do comum

5 places in Latin America to visit. (Site in Portuguese): As vezes nem é preciso irmos longe para conhecermos lugares espetaculares. As vezes eles estão mais próximos do que imaginamos. Argentina, Brasil, C

San Francisco Travel Guide: Top Picks for Your Trip to California!

San Francisco is home to a variety of diverse cultures which inspire everyone that visits. Its rich history includes the California Gold Rush of 1849, in which Americans from all over the country rushed to the rivers of San Francisco and panned for the rumored gold.

Drifting apart: Amazing underwater photos that show the growing gap between two tectonic plates

The gap between Europe and the United States is widening - by one inch a year. These spectacular underwater photographs show the vast gap between the two tectonic plates, as seen by a British scuba diver. Alex Mustard, 36, dived 80 feet into the crevice between North America and Eurasia to reveal the stunning landscape.The area - near Iceland - is riddled with faults, valleys, volcanoes and hot springs, caused by the plates pulling apart at about 1 inch per year.

10 Best Hidden Hot Springs in America

10 Hidden Hot Springs You Can Have All to Yourself - All are located in North America, either the US or Canada. Which ones have you traveled to? M:)