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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics "What's wrong?

Rebel much?

Rebel much?

If you didnt keep getting on my shit you wouldn't know if I said anything about you. If you have moved on then you wouldn't keep looking.

A nice picture of Serena (Blake Lively) and Blair (Leighton Meester) in a future episode of Gossip Girl.

A true friend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own pointless dramas over and over.

Best Friend Quotes For Winter Realizing your girls have your back always makes you feel Invincible! All of my friends will listen to my pointless drama over and over :)

that's my little fact

So true me and my bestie have lots of inside jokes!

Peace in theory x Hamdi Lilah Mohamed (IG:@fashion_heroine) Farida, 18, Seattle, Washington Submitted by:

J meezy ❣😈


To ashlan kaminski fo r being my best friend and unbiological sister. U r funny and just amazing, I love u, every day is better with u, u r my everything

My bestfriend forever and always love u sweetie always have always will nothing on earth can break us apart !!

My best friend Holly and I.

If a year and a half ago you told me I would end up trusting or caring about you as much as I do today I would have probably laughed. But man I don't think I could go on without you now.

Some people just lack the capability of being a bestfriend. Sad that as I watch gossip girl I wish I had a friendship like Serena and Blair.


dear bestfriend, I honestly don't know what I would do without you friendships friendship love girls best friends forever and always quotes quote sayings saying Hrubec Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Schmeltzer rodgers

Best friends - @Danielle Lampert Lampert Lampert Cyr @Jess Pearl Pearl Liu Meadows

Best friends - Lampert Lampert Lampert Lampert Cyr Pearl Pearl Pearl Liu Meadows Me my friend Averyana and my other friend Hazel


"Everyone has a friend during each stage of life. But only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life.

I would do this but my friends would let go of my hands

Fun picture idea to do with your friends

Makayla Jolly

wanting an apartment with your best friend