Dream Dog!



Doberman Pinscher - German origin - by Hypo Focus

How on earth to get both dogs to look up at the same time? Probably on GS's!: Germanshepherd, German Sheperd, German Shepherd, German Shepard, Gsd

dobermans on watch

I love Dobermans

The Dobermanic Duo

Doberman Pinscher

Beautiful Red/Rust Doberman Puppy


Where was this sign when we had our Doberman?

The Doberman personality in a nutshell. I just love this breed. Protective, Loyal, Playful, Curious, Loving, They truly love their family more than themselves.


beautiful dobie. full breed doberman pinscher. My dad has had dobermans since i was a little girl, they are the only breed he ever had. and iv'e always wanted my very OWN <3 Someday.

What a beauty.