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She was born in South Korea and abandoned in a subway station. Christina Romo's story and #adoption advice

The red head is Ally and the blonde is Ellen.Ally is 13 and Ellen is are both allergic to peanuts and pollen. Some of Ally's favorite hobbies are drawing and designing.Ellen likes science and learning new things. PLEASE ADOPT.

Disney Challenge Day 16: favorite voice would be Elsa because I am obsessed with Idina menzel. But all the princesses are fantastic as the other singers in Disney singers are

Modern Rapunzel edit (AurorTonks7) **I can edit to match your eye color, hair color, and sweater!

This is Laura (left) and Cassie (right) Laura is ten she loves music, reading, fashion, and her sister. Cassie is twenty two she is a makeup artist. She loves her sister but some times she can pick on her in a sibling way up for adoption