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NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Discovers Youngest Planet Observed

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Western United States at Night | International Space Station Scott: " those in the western USA. Looks like there's a lot going on down there." Credit: NASA/JSC, U.S. Astronaut Scott Kelly Date: August 10, 2015

Humans are carbon-based life forms, but Earth is not a carbon-based planet. Some scientists think such planets may exist, though, in orbit around distant stars. Cutaway views show a carbon-based planet, possibly made mostly of silicon carbide, or carborundum, compared with the preponderance of oxygen-rich compounds in a silicate planet like Earth. At left is an artist’s view of a carbon-based planet covered in tar, where a meteorite impact has exposed a layer of diamond.

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Seven Milky Way worlds could harbour life, say astronomers (after just a year of hunting)

Dusk on an alien world: How sunsets might look on four of the new worlds discovered, compared with Earth on the far left, according to data collected by the HEC project

NASA abandons Kepler repairs, looks to the future By David Szondy August 16, 2013 Planets found by Kepler showing their size and temperature (Image: NASA)