AuthaGraph World Map / made by equally dividing a spherical surface into 96 triangles, unfolding it to be a rectangle / the world map can be tiled in any direction without visible seams / by Hajime Narukawa / via verena

Gregg Pasquarelli: a series of maps we had made to illustrate the retail landscape in New York and why an anchor store would work so well down there

A 1927 Map Reveals the Hide-Outs of Chicago's Most Notorious Gangsters - Drawn by hand, one sociologist detailed the whereabouts of over 1,300 active criminal enterprises.

The greater Washington D.C., area also does particularly well. Arlington County, Virginia, is second; Falls Church, Virginia, and the District of Columbia are third and fourth. Alexandria County, Fairfax County, Howard County, Loudoun County, Montgomery County and Fairfax City are all in the top 15.

"We were intrigued. This map of what people look at on maps was something we hadn't seen before. There was more detail than the initial static images could show so I turned it into a tile-server so we could make it interactive progressively showing more detail as you zoom in. " @Jeff Easter on logging Stamen's Watercolor maps

Gorgeous 1821 map of the “moral and political” composition of the world by engraver William C. Woodbridge, a fine addition to this look at cartography as power, propaganda, and art.

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