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Basic strokes are the building blocks of your brush calligraphy foundation. Not flourishes, not design, not even letters. It's all about the basic strokes. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be ...

from Hello Brio Studio

Intro to Brush Lettering: Drawing Letters

Learn Brush Lettering - here are video tutorials on how to draw each individual letter as based upon the 8 basic strokes of brush calligraphy. Create beautiful brush lettering easily!

basic strokes: oval - lettering tutorial, tutoriel pour le lettering, trucs et astuces pour le lettering

"O is for oval. The oval is the fundamental shape of #Copperplate letterforms. are some things I observed during my practice: 1) The hairline should be parallel to the slant. I notice that I have a tendency to veer away from 55 degrees when when doing the upstroke. 2) The second stroke is extended to the right. Try to maintain the top curve. I usually make the top flat if I'm not careful.

Part 1: Share with you my Engrosser's Script breakdown: 7 main strokes: 0️⃣ Lead in & lead out strokes (begin and end a letter) 1️⃣ Straight 2️⃣ Oval 3️⃣4️⃣ Semi Curve 5️⃣ Coumpound Curve 6️⃣7️⃣ Loop 3 secondary strokes: 8️⃣ Cut-off Dot 9️⃣ Up-side-down C Waterdrop All letters are made by these strokes. I will share about good spacing and structure in next post. ----------