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@heather logsdon - yep, and you get no sick days and you have to take your work with you when you go on vacation :)

Umm, my husband’s a teacher and school is finally out and we went out last night and tequila was involved so here’s what you get. Yeehaw! (With thanks to Anne Taintor.) Related stories No related posts. Ad ​

Im not the cat lady type. Im more like an actual cat. I want affection when I want it and on my terms.The rest of the time I want to claw out your eyes and piss in your shoe. | Confession Ecard

I didn't even write this but it's true for me too lol = >"I, uh, um.... I like to do crafts.... Work on stuff for my music programs. I like to eat and watch Netflix...and pin stuff on Pinterest" this is my life lol