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Step 2: Internalizing the words and sentiments gathered from the commissioners of this piece. They gave me at least 10 pages of love notes and stories about Pieter and Carol to meditate on.

Step 5: Time to celebrate Pieter and Carol with the painting that the members and leadership of Woodcrest Chapel commissioned for them. What an authentic church and community of people. It was such an honor to get to know more about the VanWaarde through the lens of the people they lead.

Step 1: Meeting the patrons of the painting for the first time (who choose to remain anonymous) at Woodcrest Chapel. The past two decades have been filled with love and excitement. The painting will help them celebrate Pieter and Carol's 20 year commitment.

Step 4: Completion of Pieter and Carol Vaanward's painting. I contemplated the colors of Dutch heritage, and the colors of their home and creations. The use of crushed pearl was important to include because it symbolizes a new beginning, a change, a transformation, and our fragility and beauty through the eyes of God. See if you can find the hidden sentiments in the painting!