I really like the use of color in this piece, as well as the movement in the hair! I would like to do something similar with a self-portrait.

watercolour portraits -> can include the fascination to change hair colours etc & Carne Griffiths. Bright colours of Cezanne and Van Gogh.

Love watercolors

Anna Razumovskaya

Watercolor Archival Art Print- Landscape of Forest in Indigo and Green


Sweet and beautiful at the same time! I like that the focus of this begins and for the most part remains in the top third of the "frame". Love the use of light! The innocence of a young boy and girl. What must they be talking about? (TOM SIERAK -feet)

Pavel Guzenko Cheers arte o.O

molly brill, amazing

I absolutely love the colors in this piece. The bird has a lot of movement and flow. It looks like the bird is made of paint and the paint is being flung off of the wings. It also has a hand-drawn feel to it. I would have liked it if the designer would have shown the whole bird. I think it's an awkward crop to only show the wings and not the head.

Fancoise Nielly's paintings have such an amazing use of color.

What an amazing piece.. we all interpret things in our own way & I can see many would with this one piece..

Lina A.Salahaddin

Water color, negative space.All of us need to understand negative space VERY well.


Z.L. Feng: watercolor landscape

"Luminous Beauty" Abstracted flower - Oil painting

Painting Sand and Beach Grass in Watercolor by Susie Short. EXCELLENT tutorial. LOVE the tip of using a piece of cut card to put down the grass !!!

Bloom - The newest piece in my series of abstract florals

Beautiful use of colors, lighting