It's really hard to bulk up as a woman, rather, building muscle will make your body an efficient machine to burn the fat:)

Muscles are FOUND in the kitchen!

what women THINK will happen to them if they lift weights

Muscle burns calories! See more reasons why you're not losing weight on POPSUGAR Fitness.

I learned this truth after I'd be working out just doing cardio 5 - 6 days a week. But then I began lifting weights, I'm serious LIFT WEIGHTS for serious results! Religiously do Yoga, make sure you do cardio, & lift weights a couple days a week & your golden! I gotta listen to my old advice, I'm in pretty good shape now, but I miss when I was in WICKED good shape.

sore muscles :)

fat and muscle

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Ladies, lift weights

I can get there...I absolutely love her back - especially her lower back. It is stunningly beautiful! I CAN GET THERE!

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Muscles on women does NOT make us manly!!! This is the most annoying fitness myth!

weight lifting schedule for 12 weeks for building muscle for women

Weight Loss Commandments

Show off your hard work with these tips.

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Work hard sweat hard

Motivation :)