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Decorated Animal Skull

Painted Cow Skulls | eBay

Find great deals on eBay for Painted Cow Skulls in Decorative Wall Hangings and Mirrors. Shop with confidence.

decorative skull

native american style. Western decorations cannot live without wooden and leather elements like sofas and chairs, patterned rugs and fabrics. Transforme your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and even outdoor and see more home design ideas, here:

Whoever made this must have not felt it was "indian" enough with the imitation eagle feather and the beadwork; so it was natural to add a religious symbol from the Hopi Nation.

native american style.... the bulls/buffalo skull is a sign of bravery and strength. The bull/buffalo is a strong proud beast that protects his family and will not back down from a fight. They will give their life to protect their loved ones.

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Buffalo skull #navajo #aztec #trophee

painted cow skull - Google Search

painted skull

painted cow skulls

animal skull | Tumblr

Carved Skull II \\ Atmosfære on Tumblr #longhorn #steer #skull

Carved Skull II \\ Atmosfære on Tumblr

Patterned animal skulls with horns.

carvings, skulls, animal skulls

O.o animal #tattoo idea

buffalos skulls

Longhorn skulls

Steer skull art

Cow skulls

Animal skulls as home decorations in your interior

Love this but am ambivalent about the heads. Part honouring of those that have passed, but also not wanting to keep a market going for more of these. Lovely beasts on beautiful wallpaper.

Vivienne Westwood Squiggle available at walnut wallpaper #wallpaper #skulls #horns

Vivienne Westwood Squiggle wallpaper | Cole and Sons squiggle wallpaper |

Wow! Love this! Vivienne Westwood Squiggle by Cole & Son

Paul Costello | 1stdibs Photo Archive Search WALLPAPER

A twist on Tribal Pioneer with a fab wallpaper

composition / wallpaper / antlers!!

vivienne westwood for cole and son

Graphic wallpaper + taxidermy

Painted animal skull

Painted Skull | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Painted Skull | by tomebug

Painted skull

Cow skull

Beautiful Decorated Animal Skulls

Turquoise Mirror Glass Steer Skull by glassmagic on Etsy, $1150.00 Hmmm..I need to try mirrors...haven't done that yet!

Turquoise & Mirror Steer Skull Mosaic Wall Art Hanging....I'm so doing this!!!!!

Turquoise Mirror Glass Steer Skull by glassmagic on Etsy, $1150.00

Turquoise Mirror Glass Steer Skull. $1,150.00, via Etsy.

Turquoise & Mirror Steer Skull Mosaic Wall Art Hanging

Creative Designed Animal Skull #fashion #art #beauty

I want to make one, but with all turquoise stones

Turquoise Mirror Glass Steer Skull , amazing

Mosaic Skull Turquoise and Mirrors

Painted animal skull

Animal Skull Painting by Veronica Jones, via Behance | best stuff

Animal Skull Painting by Veronica Jones

animal skull art - Google Search

Animal Skull Painting on Behance

Painting Animal Skulls 2012

Painted animal skull OMG

Skull painting


Lee Renee Jewellery* Using antlers, horns or the skull to organise necklaces. Love it!

This is freaking sweet // Bull skull as a necklace holder

bull horn/skulls for display and jewelry display

jewelry display. The necklace is stunning

Jewelry display @ Dannijo - so rad

animal skull jewelry display

Bull Skull, Jewelry Holder

jewelry display #antlers

Decorated skulls


Beautiful cow skull! I would decorate every room of my house with these...that's how obsessed with them I am!

I don't know why (I usually think antlers are incredibly tacky), but I like the antlers with the flowers.

skull antler cow head drawing flowers paper painting are wall decor

oh wow stenciled cow skull and flowered antlers

Lace skull, would be cool idea for deer skull

Carved skull. this is awesome.

#bull #skull #bone #carving

carved animal skull

skull art.


Cow skull art... inspiration for SKULL CASHMERE'S Fall14 animal skull line.

there is something about carved skulls that is so beautiful to me

White cow skull decor on fur; taxidermy; perforated | best stuff

White cow skull decor on fur, Why do I love this so much ??

cow skull decor on fur, taxidermy

White cow skull decor on fur.

Animal Skull Decoration :)

lace skull.

Bull skull


Goddess of Babylon Byron Bay have been stocking decorative skulls since 2008.

Beautiful lace carved skull with horns

A new take on body art.

carved skull. wow.

carved skull

skull art

i have a slight obsession with bones and skulls at the moment. nothing unhealthy though.  promise! i came across a buffalo skull on a blog that had been carved,.  it was incredibly earthy and beautiful, but decorative at the same time. now, i knew that i was no where near enough to tackle a carving like this. pity. i adore it. so, i thought about trying to find a curvy, rams skull and finding a way of attaching some wickedly punk metal studs to the horns. enter mr rams skull. nice horns.  but a wee bit bland. a quick trip to birdsall leather where i knew they had some metal studs. (the weathered, country chap at birdsall did look at me a bit strangely when i asked for 'some studs that i could possibly use to drill into bone),..and even more strangely when i followed that up with 'i'm not a serial killer,...promise'!) these studs were perfect. i then spent the next hour or so marking dots on the horns and using a drill to make holes over the markings. a bit of strong glue in the holes made sure the studs fixed tightly. and voila! mr rams head from pymble is now mr. rammstein! he looks totally at home rocking the black wall of our front porch, don't you think!? (i could be convinced to make some more, so send me an email if you want to punk up your suburb!) jane xx

Cattle skull decor

Cattle skull decor | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Explore BarryFackler's photos on Flickr. BarryFackler has uploaded 9539 photos to Flickr.

Bronze Animal Skull

A longhorn cow skull Just a little something something for your wall made by Desiree Rodgers on facebook at WesTique Desi-gn

Decorated+longhorn+skull+mosaic+glass+copper+by+WesTiqueDesigns,+$950.00 #longhorn #steer #skull

Decorated+longhorn+skull+mosaic+glass+copper+by+WesTiqueDesigns... How cute is this??

Decorated longhorn cow steer skull, mosaic glass copper, bronze, silver and gold


Decorated longhorn cow steer skull mosaic glass by WesTiqueDesigns

long horn skull decor

Mosaic Art