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How to explain cell division to someone who can't read their textbook.

"I need feminism... because it should not be 'heroic' or 'rare' for men to advocate for women's rights. It should be EXPECTED and as COMMON as breathing."

Religious iceberg

*I'M* not saying I'm better... but the thing about statistics... they just make it probable.

Cute. Wish people would learn Buddhism is not a religion though. ;)

there are 2 sides to every coin

"I realize this is extremely simplistic - and one-sided given that it doesn't say anything negative about atheists and doesn't say anything positive about religions. However, it does line out some of the terrible problems with various belief systems, none of which, in my mind, is balanced by the "good" of religion."

Now there's a church I might be willing to visit...

Ricky Gervais: I'm basically a 'do unto others' type person. I don't have any religious feelings because I'm an atheist, but I live my life like there's a God. And if there was he'd probably love me. #atheism #atheist

"In God We Trust" is a recent invention, created by fear in the height of McCarthyism.

Everyone has the right to believe what they want. If you are a good person then you are a good person. Your religion doesn't affect my opinion on you, your words and your actions do.