a flower wedding, so charming!

Walter Crane, one of the best-loved designers of the British Arts and Crafts movement, produced this beautifully illustrated poem that tells the story of a wedding day in 1905.

Ideals in Art by Walter Crane 1905 by CharmaineZoe on Flickr. Ideals in Art by Walter Crane 1905www.archive.org/stream/idealsinartpaper00cranrich#page/n7…

Margaret Deland & Walter Crane--The Old Garden

‘The Peacock garden’ wallaper design by Walter Crane, produced in 1889.

Book Backdrop!!!

Don Quixote Front Cover, 1900 // Illustrated by Walter Crane



Walter Crane. (1845-1915) Little Red Riding Hood.



Custom made paper flower wedding bouquet. $135.00, via Etsy.

10 Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take

for a rainy wedding day

How to break in your wedding shoes

Loved this faded filter they used on this photo.

Gotta do this for my daddy

Wisdom of the Arts and Crafts Movement