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US 10 year Treasuries yields through 3 Quantitative easing periods (QE1, QE2, Operation Twist) ---- periods are in blue (anticipation of QE) and grey (actual QE) --- QE1 and QE2 saw yields rising since the market believed that QE was very positive for the economy which outweighed the reduction of supply of Treasuries in the market place caused by QE. Operation Twist hasn’t had any lasting impact on yields.

In true Keynesian hockey-stick style, each time a current year's growth expectations slide, the following year's expectations are ratcheted higher... and if stocks weaken into that 'ratcheting' then the central banks unleash more QE... As the following chart shows, the gap between the 'efficient' market and fundamental reality has never been wider and policy makers simply cannot allow that gap to be filled (and all that created wealth to once again evaporate)

How China's Stunning $15 Trillion In New Liquidity Blew Bernanke's QE Out Of The Water ---- China has been quietly injecting nearly three times in liquidity into its own economy (and markets, and foreign economies and markets) as the Fed and the Bank of Japan combined

America's Demographic Crash In One Chart --- While the Japanification of markets has been a much-discussed topic in recent years, the two nations share another disturbing trend. In 2012, the land of the rising sun saw sales of adult diapers exceed those of baby diapers... and as the following chart from The Wall Street Journal shows, that trend is rapidly occurring in the land of the free...

A-F phases of the decoupling of equities vs everything else --- Somewhere in Period B or C, the recovery ended as it was shattered by the global slowdown of Period D; in other words the promise of monetarism acted out in “emergency” and “unconventional” policies was never delivered. Ever since, each of these financial markets, indicated by almost any credit market rate or factor, have come to terms with that as reality except stocks.

The broader media has yet to catch on to this concept which exonerates the "tinfoil" crowd and makes a mockery of the "bull market" of the past 7 years while posing some very troubling questions about how it all ends, here again is Bank of America explaining not only how "central banks have unfairly inflated asset prices" with the "market aware the price of risk is not correct", but why the biggest risk to the financial system is a "loss of confidence in this omnipotent CB put"

103 Years Later, Wall Street Turned Out Just As One Man Predicted --- In 1912, one person who warned against the passage of the Aldrich Plan, was Alfred Owen Crozier: a man who saw how it would all play out, and even wrote a book titled "U.S. Money vs Corporation Currency" explaining and predicting everything that would ultimately happen.

"I Therefore Intend To Oppose The Effort To Increase America's Debt Limit" , Barack Obama, March 16 2006.

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