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The Iowa Farmer's Wife: Box Monster Phonics

The Iowa Farmers Wife: Box Monster Phonics Use this game to practice letter, number or sound identification or just to work on vocabulary. The monster says "I'm hungry.

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Making Words: File folders with sticky notes on the inside that have letters on them, use the sticky notes to make words. Could use velcro tabs an laminated cards for guided reading groups or word work center.

Free poster.  I am so much more than just a teacher.  So very true!

Free printable worksheets and lesson plans for every busy teacher. Find printable worksheets on any topic: vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking!

Hello, hello,  Wave hand  Hello and how are you?  Point to the children  I’m fine, I’m fine,  Point to self  And I hope that you are too!  P...

15 Fabulous fingerplays and facts

Teach Preschool: Lots of activity ideas you can share with parents in family literacy and parent education programs.

Nancy Nolan's Kindergarten: Letter of the Week ~ "W"

Mrs Wishy Washy can be used to reinforce phonics 'w' as well as a farm unit! Great ideas that include literacy and art by Nancy Nolan

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Letter sorting boxes- place objects that start with that letter in the appropriate box! Great for ELL, K and first

Write a Nature Alphabet Book- all ages!

Nature alphabet books

Write a Nature Alphabet Book- all ages! For my four year olds (preschool class)

Spider Web Sight Word Match - hands on : as we grow

Spider Web Sight Word Match

A sight word match on a giant spider web! See if kids can find and match the sight words they know. The spider web makes it a fun theme for Halloween too.

Letter Sounds Race » Inspiration Laboratories

Letter Sounds Race

A Race to Learn Phonics - a fun way to get the kids moving and learning letter sounds! Say a letter sound and have kids race to find it first

M is for mashing (fine motor) Counting the marshmallows Counting the toothpicks Letter M Activities for M is for Marshmallow Theme from Fantastic Fun and Learning

M is for Marshmallow Letter Recognition Activities

Top 10 Pinterest boards for homeschool - packed full of great resources. Follow these boards!

Top ten pinterest boards for homeschool

Fun game to get your preschool child recognizing letters! Take 3 buckets and label them with the 3 uppercase letters you are working on (A,Y,H).  I played with 2 kids, so I used 2 different color balloons (one color for each child). Label a bunch of balloons with the lowercase letters you're working on (a,y,h). Now have the kids match the lowercase balloons with the uppercase bucket.   Help beginners with putting the balloon in the right bucket and use a timer for your more advanced child…

Fun game to get your preschool child recognizing letters! Take 3 buckets and label them with the 3 uppercase letters you are working on. I'm thinking water balloons .

preschool and kindergartners: Write a Counting Book

Beginning Writers Write a Counting Book with Stickers